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Pienu Related Theses

Kaoru Yamada, π+ → e+νe, the collapse mode identification in decay branching ratio measurement experiment, M.Sc. 2007.
山田薫, π+ → e+νe 崩壊分岐比測定実験における崩壊モード識別, 修士論文, 2007.
Michael Jansz, Data analysis of the Scattering Study for the PiENu Experiment, B.Sc. 2008.
Naosuke Ito, Improvements of COPPER 500-MHz Flash ADC for PIENU Experiment, M.Sc. 2010.
Kaoru Yamada, Search for massive neutrinos in π+ → e+ν decay, Ph.D. 2010.
Chloé Malbrunot, Study of π+ → e+νe decay, Ph.D. 2012.
Dorothea vom Bruch, Studies for the PIENU Experiment and on the Direct Radiative Capture of Muons in Zirconium, M.Sc. 2013.
Kevin Yin, Improving the Time and Energy Resolution in the PIENU Calorimeter System, B.Sc. 2015.
Shintaro Ito, Measurement of the π+→e+νe Branching Ratio, Ph.D. 2016.
Tristan Sullivan, A high-precision measurement of the π→eν branching ratio, Ph.D. 2017
Rohan Nuttall, Beamline Studies for the PIENU Experiment, B.Sc. 2018.
Saul Cuen-Rochin, Precise Measurement of Rare Pion Decay, Ph.D. 2019
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